The De Gausser 3000

A 21st Century breakthrough!

The De Gauss 3000 is a condom demagnetizer and polyurethane alignment device. Condoms are made to maximize pleasure while still being strong and impermeable to sperm, diseases, and other liquids. The penis uses a huge supply of blood to sustain an erection and has more nerve endings than an index finger so it's one of the most sensitive areas on a man.

A typical latex condom or polyurethane condom is very thin, this is the only way manufacturers can effect pleasure. Its main purpose it to be tough and keep liquids from getting through. To test condoms in the factory they actually pass an electrical current through the condom and measure its resistance! Nerves work by using a small electrical field so this resistance can actually be detrimental to your pleasure.

But not any more!

The DG3 is an amazing electromagnet that is specially controlled by a vibrating crystal, similar to how a digital clock works. Our amazing product (patent pending) uses this vibrating electromagnetic field to realign the very molecules in the latex or polyurethane and removes much of the electrical resistance.

The end result? The amazing electrical stimulation between a man and a woman is raised back up to the levels a couple can feel with no condom at all! Orgasms are richer for both partners and longer lasting. It's a deeper, more intense orgasm than can be achieved with a condom alone, and most say it's even better than not using a condom at all!!

But there's more! Because it can also stimulate blood flow it can help with larger and longer lasting erections without the aid of pills or other devices! You've seen Q-ray and other magnetic healing devices, this effects the blood in the same way. And nothing has more blood vessels and blood than a penis. Forget waiting for pills, the effects happen almost instantly!

The DG3 can be used to degauss a single condom or several at a time and keep a weak field on them for later use. Due to the nature of latex and polyurethane the effects last up to 5-7 hours. You've never experienced anything like it!


New models coming! The Pyramid! The Smoky Glass!

Insist on the DG3! It will soon become the symbol of intense pleasure!

Ordering information coming soon....